InterInvest: LGBTQ+ in Investment Management

Bruin is proud to be a founding member of InterInvest, an industry led initiative that focuses specifically on LGBT+ diversity and inclusion.

InterInvest is made up of LGBT+ people and allies that work in the investment industry, who care about the LGBT+ experience in investment. 

We know LGBT+ people work in every part of the investment industry and InterInvest exists to drive LGBT+ equality and inclusion across the sector, and support similar initiatives globally. This network of investment peers also forms part of the LGBT+ workstream of the Diversity Project.

InterInvest began as an informal but regular gathering of LGBT+ professionals and allies who wanted to discuss issues facing LGBT+ people in the industry, and initiatives firms were working on to further LGBT+ interests. In 2019 it became a more formal organisation with over 20 firms represented and four key aims:

  • Provide a welcoming space for members to discuss LGBT+ issues in the context of the industry;
  • Share best practice within the industry, and enable firm-to-firm collaboration to provide support to in-house LGBT+ networks;
  • Encourage and shape LGBT+ inclusion across the industry; Attract and retain LGBT+ talent into the industry;
  • Engage allies and promote allyship, drawing upon other intersectional networks with similar experiences.

As an organisation, InterInvest meets monthly, with the steering committee and subcommittees meeting on a more regular basis.

InterInvest also holds regular events which provide opportunities to network and share best practice approaches in supporting LGBT+ talent within the industry. Recent events include a round table sharing insight into the importance of attracting and retaining talent from the LGBT+ community, the challenges the investment industry faces in attracting that talent, what firms are already doing well, and what we can learn from them.

For more information visit the InterInvest website.

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