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Bruin is an award winning diversity and inclusion specialist. We provide a variety of services to ensure diversity and inclusion is front and centre at every stage of the recruitment process, from sourcing and hiring approaches to inclusive talent management.

Diverse Talent Sourcing

Bruin has developed a range of unique in-house techonology tools and initiatives to support our clients’ diversity objectives.

Workshops & Training

Our training seminars are designed to assist clients overcome barriers to in talent management and design for diversity. Contact one of our team for more details.

Gender Diversity

Gender diversity in UK financial services has certainly seen improvements in recent years, with women now making up 43% of the workforce. However, there are vast imbalances in the types of roles women hold and levels of seniority.

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Race & Ethnicity

The discomfort of discussing race in the workplace can cause avoidance to a point of stifling progress. Overcoming the complex barriers will require acknowledgment - and working through – the potential roadblocks.

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Among LGBT+ people aged between 18 and 24, 58% say that they have hidden or disguised that they are LGBT+ at work in the past year, and almost one in five LGBT+ staff had been the target of negative comments or conduct from colleagues.

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Social Mobility

Social mobility refers to the facility for movement from one social or economic position to another. Britain has some of the lowest social mobility in the developed world and the financial services sector is particularly reflective of this lack of equality.

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It is estimated that 1 in 7 people in the UK have Neurodiverse conditions, however, organisations are often unaware of the proportion and needs of their Neurodiverse employees or the value that this talent pool can offer.

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Mental Health

While it’s an inherently personal battle, the effects of mental illness aren’t limited to our personal lives. And in financial services, two out of three people have experienced mental health issues as a result of work, or where work was a related factor.

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Consulting Services

We have provided guidelines for both clients and industry bodies, covering strategic talent pipelining, meeting reporting obligations and best practice for inclusion frameworks.

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Media & Research

As well as our in-house thought leadership and research we are regularly approached for commentary in the national press including the FT,  the Telegraph, CityAM, and the Evening Standard.

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Bruin regularly hosts diversity focused events providing an opportunity for clients to network with peers, share best practice, and gain industry specific thought-leadership from expert speakers.

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Our D&I Partners


UpReach is a charity working to improve social mobility in the UK. Bruin provides CV workshops, interview training and mentoring.


Diversity Project is an industry led initative to increase diversity in Asset Management. Bruin is represented on multiple workstreams.


InterInvest is an industry initiative launched to drive LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion in the investment industry of which Bruin are founding partners. 


Mission Include is a multi-focused inclusion and diversity programme. Bruin are participants in their cross sector mentoring scheme. 


Bruin are supporting the #10000BlackInterns programme, designed to help transform the horizons and prospects of young Black people in the UK.


Progress Together is a Government Commissioned taskforce, led by the City of London Corporation, to drive Socio-Economic Diversity at Senior Level across UK Financial Services. 


BWAM's mission is to champion the positive impact of the talented black women who work in asset management and provide the tools that will enable them to thrive.  


GAIN is committeed to championing neurodiversity through an industry-wide initative, to positively impact lives and improve worksplaces for all.



Industry & Social Enterprise Initiatives

Bruin has committed to a number of industry initiatives and many of our employees are also pivotal members of external diversity and inclusion organisations, volunteering their time, expertise and providing mentoring.

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