Living with Anxiety Seminar – City Parents

On the 14th May 2019, two of our consultants, Sophia Deen, AVP Consultant, and Matthew Tynan, AVP Consultant, attended a seminar hosted by City Parents called Living With Anxiety

The seminar was hosted by inspirational speaker, Nick Elston; who’s website can be found at  Nick, who is an anxiety sufferer himself spoke through his own personal journey and how he had without realizing, lived with anxiety since he was seven years old. Nick spoke through the obstacles and challenges he faced growing up and living with anxiety. Now a man with a family, anxiety is still present in his day to day life. Nick offered suggestions and tips on how to manage anxiety from breathing techniques to creative therapy. His ultimate message was conversation and communication – without talking, there can be no solution. As 100 people sat in the audience, listening carefully to every word he spoke, he was blissfully unaware that in the 1 hour he spent with us, he had united 100 strangers.

Nick’s message is powerful, he wants people to feel okay to talk before they hit rock bottom and that it is okay to not be okay.

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