In the UK among LGBT+ people aged between 18 and 24, 58% say that they have hidden or disguised that they are LGBT+ at work in the past year, and almost one in five LGBT+ staff had been the target of negative comments or conduct from colleagues

A Stonewall survey of 35 businesses in banking and asset management, which had submitted themselves to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index (and by extension likely to be among the more LGBT+ friendly employers), found that just 85% of LGBT+ respondents felt able to be themselves in their workplace.

Bruin is a founding member of InterInvest, an organisation that drives LGBT+ equality and inclusion in the investment industry, and supports similar initiatives globally. Bruin is also proud to have committed to the Bank of England's Out and Proud Charter.



Workplaces to be Proud of

Evidence shows that to foster LGBT+ inclusive environments, organisations need to demonstrate clear and unambiguous support.

However, in financial services just 10% of firms have active and visible role models and allies, and it lags behind other sectors when it comes to having adequate supportive policies in the workplace.

From a talent management perspective, there are multiple points during the recruitment and hiring process to ensure LGBT+ inclusivity.

Not only does this help draw top talent and foster innovation, but is a crucial signpost for both candidates and customers of a broader attitude towards difference and change, particularly when socially responsible organisations are increasingly seen as the employers and businesses of choice.

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