From my research and engagement with employees/clients, I can confirm there is still a high demand for talent within the Investment Banking & Asset Management space. Multiple technologies are in demand for these companies and similar to last quarter Java was at the forefront. Last quarter we saw companies being a lot more flexible on the working-from-home scheme, however, it seems this is going down two different routes with some becoming more flexible and others pushing for more days in the office again.

The current climate has started to slow down ever so slightly with the power switching from the candidates, to the clients. A difficulty I found in Q3 is the same as in Q4, matching salary expectations. Companies were having to kneel to the candidates last time, however, it has now switched to candidates having to manage their expectations. Clients are still working on exciting new projects, offering bespoke and greenfield work as well as offering great career progression to sway candidates.

We have seen the growth of more permanent employment also, due to the contracting world still being uncertain. Candidates feel if they’re inside IR35 on a contract they may as well go permanent and claim all the added benefits.