The Infrastructure & Renewable Energy market has continued to go from strength to strength.  With major events (natural and political) having significantly impacted many markets, investors are investing more capital in the infrastructure space to acquire stable and cash generating assets.

Simultaneously, numerous private equity funds have adopted a more aggressive strategy by pushing the definition of infrastructure further and having shorter holding periods to achieve much higher returns with many funds performing exceptionally well.

The energy transition space is currently one of the most active markets for investors.  With COP26 just around the corner and many nations setting aggressive targets to be greener and achieve ‘net zero’, significant private capital is required to invest in both the generation and storage of renewable energy, creating excellent opportunities for funds as well as advisory firms.

With travel restrictions easing and numerous funds having recently raised significant pools of capital, there is a lot of confidence in the infrastructure and renewable energy market. This is ultimately resulting in funds needing to add headcounts to both their Investment and Portfolio Management Teams.



Recruitment in the infrastructure & renewable energy market continues to be highly active.  With significant capital being deployed, numerous deals taking place across Europe and a backlog of hiring needs from 2020 and the start of this year, investors and advisors urgently need to hire.

Whilst there is high demand across all levels of seniority, Bruin have been inundated with roles at an Analyst and Associate level where firms require individuals who possess both the strong analytical skill sets and commercial acumen to be involved in all stages of the investment process and portfolio management.