Q2 2021 has seen the continuation of high volumes of  recruitment within HR and a very apparent fight for talent as all candidates are in multiple processes.  The brands that have seen success in the attraction and retention of talent have acted swiftly as the Financial Services market continues to be robust during this current climate. A trend of counter offers and buy backs is also very visible from the market proving that it is still very much a candidate driven environment.


Continued from Q1 2021, outside of the general replacement hires we are continuing to see newly created roles across the specialism areas within Human Resources as well growth/additional hires in the generalist areas to include the profiles stated below, with many clients stating  that  roles  are  through organic growth of HR functions and positive financial investments into HR teams. We are still seeing high level of FTC and Day rate contractors with clients preferring to continue down the PAYE route in light of IR35 looming.


The trend of building out the shared service functions in the European offices of our clients is if anything becoming busier. As stated previously This has  been  part  of  a  Brexit  contingency  as  well  as  general   employee   growth   across   the European regions. As clients are now growing their Brexit sites there is more and more demand for local knowledge as well as local expertise in areas such as Regulations, Tax and Compensation and Benefits. This has seen a shift to some specialists roles across Europe.



  • HR Business Partner
  • Standalone HR Manager
  • HRIS Change Manager
  • HR Operations and Regulations Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Analyst
  • HR Shared Service Manager (Copenhagen)
  • HR Business Partner (Paris)
  • Talent Acquisition Partner
  • LMS Training SME
  • Benefits Analyst
  • HR BP Change Manager



The fight for talent is continuing during this candidate driven market.  During this continued remote working world the companies adding that personal touch during the recruitment process and onboarding are finding their employees are coming into the business more engaged and comfortable with the new surroundings.  The remainder of the year shows aggressive recruitment plans in HR across specialist areas (comps and bens,  L&D and change) as companies appreciate the need for a changing employee landscape.

HR Webinar

As the HR webinars during lockdown have proved a great success, we are planning two new webinars.  The first will be in late September for HR professionals to talk through how the more uniform return to the office has gone.  This will your chance as a round table to discuss any queries raised from staff as well as any problems that have arisen.


We have also been asked by HR Directors to start a forum entitled ‘HR for HR’ as HR Directors find it hard to establish a vehicle to discuss ideas on how to progress their own HR teams and develop individuals within their own teams.  If you manage an HR function please do not hesitate to reach out.