Anti-racism resources

“Every voice raised against racism chips away at its power. We can’t afford to stay silent.”
― Reni Eddo-Lodge

Racism is a historical, deep-rooted problem that affects all areas of our society. Bruin stands in solidarity beside Black and minoritised people worldwide, with a commitment to fighting for institutional change.

Within the financial sector, including in our organisation, there is much work to be done: to decolonise, be more inclusive, be more representative and educate ourselves better.

We have put together a collection of resources our team finds useful and informative for learning and unlearning. We hope you’ll find them helpful too!

[Content Warning: Some resources may contain/ depict scenes of violence]











Our Commitments as an Anti-Racist Organisation

We want to encourage all staff at all levels to spend some time each week building their levels of awareness of these issues. Inactivity or ignorance is not an option if we are to play our part in influencing change.

We want to have transparent and open conversations that help to effect change, so please feel free to reach out with any concerns, opinions, ideas or questions you may have. We would also love to hear from you if there are any other resources you may feel would be beneficial to the ethnicity working group.

As a reminder, we have an external HR resource as part of our “Employee Voice Proposal” program where you can reach out to have confidential conversations to voice any concerns you may have on this or any other issues.

We believe that racial equality is an issue that should not only be considered in a time of crisis, but should be held as a long term value of our business in order to make communities stronger and workforces more united through their diversity.

We have had a clear Diversity & Equal Opportunities Policy in place for every day of our trading since March 2010, but a policy by itself is not enough.


If this is the first time you’re engaging with this work it can seem overwhelming. Don’t feel as though you need to consume all the resources at once; the point is to engage with the issue in a sustained and meaningful way. So keep checking back, as we’ll keep updating them. If you have anything you would like us to add to the lists, please contact us at tel: +44 203 145 3333