Environment and CSR

Helping the Environment and Social Responsibility

BRUIN Financial understands and wholeheartedly embraces our duty to operate in a socially responsible manner. This mind set is reflected throughout our team on a day to day basis. Our CSR policy is focused around two main areas; Helping the Environment and Social Responsibility.

csrHelping the Environment:

BRUIN Financial is strongly committed to assisting the preservation of the environment through waste reduction, recycling and the efficient use of energy and operates several internal programs with this aim.

Social Responsibility:

As well as our environmental practices, we also have wider social responsibility initiatives in place, including:

  • Links with local education authorities to provide work experience to school children.
  • Supporting our staff and clients’ charitable activities with donations and time off work.




We are proud to support #run2workday, a campaign being run by run2work as an initiative to get fit and healthy and help ease the over-crowding on London’s public transport system. We are also supporters of run2work’s petition for legislation to make the cost of running shows and equipment tax-free, similar to the Government’s popular Bike 2 Work scheme.


Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership

BRUIN is proud to partner with Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership, an initiative which gives school pupils the chance to meet business people through various projects with the aim of helping develop their confidence, provide positive role models and give practical advice.

london apprentice

London Apprenticeships

BRUIN also partners with London Apprenticeships, who offer a valuable work-based learning route for individuals wanting to start out on a career path, but not wanting to go down the traditional route of formal education.

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