Kirsty Pineger

Kirsty Pineger

Director, Investment & Middle Office

Kirsty Pineger

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About Kirsty

Kirsty holds a degree in Commerce and has over 11 years of experience in human capital recruitment, specialising in Investment Management.

Kirsty began her career at an international recruitment firm in 2006, where she managed a team of 10 before joining BRUIN in 2010 as a Director. Kirsty has extensive experience in senior multi-hire assignments and particularly for complex retained hires, often dealing with C-suite stakeholders. Most notably Kirsty has been recognised as top supplier for T.Rowe Price, Capital International and BlackRock; the latter from her work during and following the merger with BGI. Kirsty is also closely involved with our CSR and diversity intiatives, working most recently with some of the leading asset managers on their gender diversity and returner programmes.

Kirsty is Head of Investment & Middle Office at BRUIN and Director of BRUIN Ireland.

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