Gender Diversity in Financial Services

Championing the Female Talent Pipeline in Financial Services

BRUIN has been instrumental in a number of gender diversity initiatives in financial services. We support our clients gender diversity objectives and champion the female talent pipeline, supporting women in the industry seeking to develop and further their career.

Equal opportunities

BRUIN has been instrumental in a number of gender diversity initiatives. This  includes the creation of the Women in Financial Institutions Index (WiFI Index) which tracks the recruitment and engagement of women in financial services; The BRUIN FS Diversity Forum which enables senior decision makers in the industry to discuss strategies and approaches to diversity in Financial Services; and the establishment of the City Talent Initiative (CTI), a programme dedicated to supporting high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds (of which over 60% are female) gain entry to leading City firms.


Previous WiFI reports are available on our website and you can register for the monthly report here.

Gender diversity is at the top of the agenda for most of our clients and as the leading financial services recruiter in this area, BRUIN has been invited to lead training days and seminars for both our clients and by the media. BRUIN Financial itself has a senior leadership team which is almost entirely female and many are part-time return to work mothers.

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Arun Batra, Director at EY and CEO of the National Equality Standard, described BRUIN as “something exceptional in the financial services sector… a fantastic example of the tangible benefits of diversity and equality in the workplace, integrated into everyday business”.


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