Why should you move to Luxembourg?

• Article by BRUIN Financial

Why should you move to Luxembourg?

Last year Luxembourg ranked top in a list of global cities for work life balance.

Population and wage data from Deutsche Bank and UBS, including net average monthly salary, working hours and paid holiday was taken in across 69 key cities across the globe. And Lucky Luxembourg residents have plenty to smile about!

The average salary is £3,144 per month for a 33 hour working week, citizens receive an average of 32 days of paid leave per year, and the city provides universal free healthcare for all.

Furthermore, in the wake of Brexit, Luxembourg’s financial sector has grown substantially as UK based firms set up new offices and relocate to the European Union. This has opened up many exciting opportunities and Luxembourg is now the second largest Investment Fund centre in the world and home to more than 140 Banks.

Why should you move to Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a beautiful country, and as well as all the conveniences of city life you are always only 20 minutes away from the countryside, where you can find endless amount of hiking trails and stunning lakes. It’s also less than 2 hours away from the likes of Paris and Brussels and many people commute in to the City from the French, Belgium or German boarders for work.  In fact, Luxembourg is the most multicultural in Europe with more expats living in Luxembourg than in any other European country. It also holds the EU record of the most multilingual country – the average number of languages spoken is a staggering 3.6 tongues per person!

Luxembourg also has a wide range of impressive schools which offer the opportunity for children to learn and communicate in multiple languages whilst having a fantastic education. In addition to this,  Luxembourg is known as being one of the safest places in the world, with very low crime rate. Another great benefit is that public transport is also going to be free from January 2020, this is including the buses, trams and trains that commute in and out of the boarders from Luxembourg City.

Luxembourg have 10 official holidays, with this increasing now with their new Europe Day that they approved this year as an additional public holiday in May!  On top of this employees are now entitled to 26 days of paid annual leave a year as a minimum. Luxembourg also has an efficient health system and very competitive and attractive salaries and a big plus is the tax is a lot lower than you would find in London.

In the evenings and weekends, Luxembourg has lots going on such as theatre, music and events that you can attend. You can gain some more insight to these here! You will find more information on art exhibitions; dance shows and discover more of Luxembourg’s incredible culture. On top of this the City has free and safe Wi-Fi available to everybody to use when they are out and about, so no more wasting your data!


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