Sales & Marketing Breakfast Forum

• Article by BRUIN Financial

Sales & Marketing Breakfast Forum


BRUIN recently hosted a round table discussion on content strategies, led by Kate Whittaker, Marketing Consultant at Lombard Odier Investment Managers. Senior marketing professionals from some of the City’s best known asset managers took part in a lively discussion and shared a range of insights.

A formal documented content strategy?

For most attendees creating a documented content strategy is both work in progress and also relatively recent (less than 12 months). Important to note here of course, is that there’s nothing new about the actual creation and distribution of content. Everyone sees the need to have metrics measuring effectiveness of the activity and again most have this as active work in progress.

What do you see as the biggest obstacles to delivering an effective content strategy?

The survey revealed there was agreement on the main challenges…

  • Resources and importantly finding the right resources
  • Generating new and interesting content.
  • Internal processes and resources – too lengthy and too little respectively
  • Getting senior management and sales to agree a clear objective and stick to it
  • Getting sufficient airtime with the investment team

…and some more emerged at the breakfast:

  • How do you repurpose content to different formats?
  • Integration with digital
  • Localising a global content strategy to make it relevant for the UK
  • Sales teams often subjectively judge the quality of the activity (“3 times a week is too much”)
  • How do we create a longer-term personalised journey?

Education was seen as a significant part of marketing’s role in delivering a successful content strategy:

  • Educating compliance to review in the context of the intended audience
  • Educating authors about the end audience’s interests and needs so that they create content people want to read rather than what they want to write
  • Ensuring themes and topics are guided by a sponsor in marketing or sales rather than ‘technical’ authors who aren’t as connected to client needs and interests
  • Educating sales to look at the data, not rely on subjective opinions on what’s the ‘best’ content for their contacts

If we had a magic wand we would…

  • Change the mind-set of the content producers so they always remember to share content and ideas
  • Re-purpose content more effectively for different audiences so that “one size fits all” doesn’t mean “one size fits nobody”
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of our activity through better metrics
  • Ensure sales people keep the CRM updated so we always have good client data
  • Really understand end user feedback – not just the clicks and opens
  • Embed the need for quality content into the corporate DNA
  • More resource!
  • More clarity around distribution – who gets what and when

And the holy grail for all of us…

  • Automatically embed the insights of our content producers into the minds of our end clients, so all we’d have to worry about is net sales…

For more information, or details of future Sales & Marketing events please contact Ana Maria Tuliak