Recruiter Magazine Soundbites June 2015

• Article by BRUIN Financial

Recruiter Magazine Soundbites June 2015

“Is the new Tory government good or bad news for business, employment and the recruitment industry and why?”

Gary Cox Owner and managing director, Peritus Consulting

“I expect the Tory government will have a positive effect on the recruitment industry, especially in the North, with promises of three out of five new jobs to be outside the South-East and focuses on developing new start-ups in the North-West. David Cameron pledges to create 2m jobs by 2020, leading to a demand for quality recruiters, who will get people back into work and help others in finding their first-time employment. A promise for improved transport such as high-speed rail links, extended metro links, widened motorways and new roads will also make commutes to work easier.”

Kirstin Duffy Chief Operating Officer, BRUIN Financial 

“The unexpected result was welcomed by the City and the financial services sector in general, and a majority government will give our economy much needed stability over the coming months. It is also very pleasing to see the number of female MPs up to almost 30%, and the Cabinet should be reflective of this [Editor’s note: the new Cabinet is now a third women, after Duffy’s Soundbite]. Whether economic stability will prevail will partly depend on Cameron’s ability to quell the opinions of his Eurosceptic backbenchers. The financial sector relies on a global talent pool, so it is vital the European political elephant in the room is dealt with quickly and effectively.”

Lucinda Rowe Director, Ten2Two

“A majority government of any colour has to be good for business confidence and thus the economy. At Ten2Two we specialise in part-time and flexible recruitment and were delighted that the previous coalition government raised the profile of flexible working by extending the right to work flexibly and introducing shared parental leave. Flexible working has so many benefits for businesses and workers… that we are really hopeful the new government continues to give this area of employment the attention it deserves. Watch this space!”

Matthew Sanders Chief executive, Brookfield Rose

“I am delighted that they [the Conservatives] will be looking after our country for another five years. I strongly believe that this new Tory government is good news for business, employment and the recruitment industry… I truly believe they will continue to make a difference to our society and our progressively recovering economy. I have great faith in their plans and objectives, which will have a significant impact on the recruitment and staffing industry and wide employment landscape. I believe the Conservatives’ introduction of a new workplace entitlement to Volunteering Leave for three days a year, on full pay, will be a very positive move.”