BRUIN Supports London Apprenticeship Fair Scheme

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BRUIN Supports London Apprenticeship Fair Scheme

 London Apprenticeship Mentoring Scheme

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There is a lot of pressure on young people to find employment as soon as they leave university or college. But the first thing they are told is, “you need experience”! The London Apprenticeship fair mentoring scheme aims to provide young people with that vital piece of work experience to enhance their CV before they finish studying. Each year the LAF provides young graduates with a platform from which to gain vital work skills, and gives them exposure to the industries of the volunteer mentors, whilst they work towards delivering the annual apprenticeship Fair which will take place in October.

BRUIN is engaged in a number of CSR initiatives and in particular, we believe it of vital importance to champion diversity in the workplace, be it from a gender, age or social background perspective. This year we are pleased to support the LAF programme, with one of our Consultants, James Casey as a mentor.

“Whilst at University, despite having an interest in Financial Services, I quickly learned that it was an incredibly complex industry and found myself somewhat perplexed as to which area I would like to work in. Having worked in the industry now for nearly 2 years, I was keen to try and help provide the guidance I myself couldn’t find, and provide a bit of insight into the world of Financial Services.

After approaching the LAF I spoke with a fantastic lady by the name of Dennise Hilliman, who is the Head of the scheme, who invited me in to conduct a short presentation, followed by a Q&A session, to a group of young graduates. Following the presentation, I was paired with my ‘mentee’.

My aim for the next 5 months is to provide help and guidance for my mentee, both on specific tasks related to their final project, the London Apprenticeship Fair itself, as well as more general help and advice on gaining future employment within Financial Services.

Through this process, my hope is to provide my mentee with some on-desk work experience across the business, as well as hold regular 1 on 1 sessions to help teach them the more detailed side of the IB/AM world.

Overall, this will be a fantastic experience for me, and one I hope to replicate in the future.”

For more information on the London Apprenticeship Fair, please click here, or for more information on the other CSR initiatives BRUIN are currently involved in, please click here.