BRUIN Financial June 2016 WiFI

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BRUIN Financial June 2016 WiFI

BRUIN Financial “Women in Financial Institutions” (WiFI) Index:

June 2016 WiFI Index: 107

For the June 2016 BRUIN Financial Women in Financial Institutions Index (WiFI), data was comprised from more than 2,500 workers in financial services to record a WiFI Index score of +107.

The WiFI Index has declined slightly from last month, which was at a 2 year high, but still follows an upward trend from the start of reporting in March 2014.

Key Highlights:

  • WiFI Index shows a -9 point decrease, indicating the engagement and recruitment of women in financial services has declined, but still follows an upward trend overall.
  • The gender pay gap has widened slightly by comparison to last month, with men still paid on average nearly 16% more than women in financial services.
  • The proportion of women securing a job offer is a significant increase YoY and Men are now only 0.9% more likely to be offered a job in financial services.

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