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“I was attracted to BRUIN as there is such an emphasis on how they treated their staff and how the is reflected in building external rapport. I had worked a number of retail jobs before and during my time at uni and I knew that the best way to run a business is by treating your staff well; this is definitely the ethos that is practiced and the results can be seen in how much the firm has grown since it’s inception.

Being a researcher a BRUIN brings an exciting new challenge each day. I sit in the Marketing team, supporting two consultants in their day-to-day activities whilst they mentor me and assist my learning. Primarily, my position requires me to engage with existing candidates, source new individuals, and get CVs through a variety of mediums; headhunting, searching job boards and website applications, briefing candidates on a assortment of jobs, and understanding the current and desired situations of each individual. I am also responsible for crafting maps of the teams that we target, writing engaging advertisements for roles that we work, and the maintenance of our central database.

The best part about working at BRUIN is the company culture and cohesion that we have. The management here understand that if you work hard and bring in the results, you deserve to be rewarded. This is also shown in the ability to progress within the company, with a preference for organic growth over external hires. The FISER Group are going places, and I am excited to be a part of it.”

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“In my final year of university I began thinking about what to do next and I somehow ended up choosing recruitment. I really liked the look of BRUIN as a company when I attended the assessment day and was lucky enough to be awarded a place on the 2015 graduate scheme.

Starting work at BRUIN Financial I had no experience of recruitment or the Financial sector whatsoever, and so was apprehensive about what the learning curve would be like. I was quite relieved to realise however that as new researchers in the company we were not expected to have an in depth knowledge of Finance or recruitment, but would be taught the relevant information throughout the training process.

I have found the company to be extremely welcoming and friendly, and in no way as ‘cut throat’ as I have heard many larger recruitment agencies are. There is a strong emphasis on hard work, but there is also a sense of fun and team work, and a great social atmosphere. The fast pace and intensity of the job I find exciting, as I am always busy and the weeks fly by. This is also an exciting time to be a part of the company, as it is still so young, and is constantly seeking to expand and occupy new areas within the market.

I would recommend recruitment to anyone who enjoys meeting with and talking to new people. I find the most enjoyable part of the job is building relationships with people across a long period of time, and being in a position to be able to help them out with their next step in life. I hope to be still doing this in 10 years time and I am excited to see where BRUIN will be in the near future!”

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“After completing the BRUIN Academy graduate training scheme I was promoted to become a consultant within a year. My role then changed from a support function to owning the full recruitment process. I now hold my own client base with some warm clients I had worked on roles with previously, and some new areas to develop. I am now responsible for working alongside our clients to assist them in the recruitment process. It has  been a big learning curve having to learn the complexities of candidate and client control and the intricacies of each business and clients demands, but with support and guidance from seniors in the team and continued training in my peer group this has been manageable. It is now also part of my role to support and guide the new researcher on my team who joined the 2015 scheme and assist in his development”.

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