Equal Opportunities


Bruin does not discriminate against employees or candidates on grounds of their race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, sex, marital status, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Our future success in a highly competitive world depends upon our employees and the development of their skills and abilities. We are therefore totally committed to the principle of equal opportunities in employment. We oppose all forms of discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability, marital or civil partner status, colour, age, race, religion or belief. This principle applies to recruitment, training, promotion and all career management decisions, which we always base on objective job-related criteria.

We also help our clients understand what simple reasonable adjustments can be made in the workplace in order to accommodate the needs of a disabled applicant and, based on our closely-held principles, assist our clients from time to time in the application of their own equal opportunity policies.

We are committed to assessing our candidates in accordance with their skills, experience, qualifications and ability to perform the relevant duties required by a particular client vacancy. We do not tolerate discrimination against or towards any of our candidates, clients or prospective clients.