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Achieving fair gender representation at every level is not simply about recruitment, it is also a question of retention, talent pipelining and succession planning. With this in mind we have developed a series of bespoke training seminars for senior women and hiring managers in financial services, focusing specifically on internal progression. This includes insight into the key stages of internal interview, the role of non-verbal communication, how to package yourself for promotion, and how to demonstrate your experience though behavioural competencies.

Over the last 12 months we have held these sessions for both our clients and the media, with attendees from the UK, Ireland, the US, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The financial services sector is under increasing pressure to address gender imbalance in senior management, underlined by the Gender Pay Gap Reporting legislation and HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter. Research shows that structural barriers and unconscious bias is one of the most significant barriers to women’s career advancement, and remains pervasive.

To assist our clients, BRUIN has designed a number of bespoke workshops specifically designed to assist financial institutions overcome these barriers to gender balance in talent management, and design for diversity.


Gender Diversity Workshop – This session is designed to help women gain internal promotion and as mentors to their own teams. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the financial services recruitment market and skills and areas of demand. Armed with this knowledge and tips for career advancement, BRUIN will highlight strategies for making an internal move.

The workshop concludes with best practice strategies focusing on CV style, presentation and format for internal promotion.


Succeeding at Interview Workshop – This workshop focuses on helping women succeed at interview and is designed specifically for internal progression. Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the various stages of an interview and valuable strategies for preparation, including the importance of behavioural competencies and body language. BRUIN will discuss the real objectives of an interviewer; learn how to build rapport, and how to adapt your responses to your audience.

The session concludes with an interview workshop, which demonstrates how practical application of these strategies results in interview success.


Unconscious Bias Training – this interactive session focuses on unconscious bias and is specifically designed for financial services professionals and managers with hiring responsibility.

As well as an insight into the role of unconscious bias and perception filters, you will discover how these manifest both on an individual and organisation level. Attendees will also gain an understanding of the impact these may have on career progression and the recruitment process, and learn practical strategies for managing subtle bias in the workplace.

The session concludes with a workshop which invites participants’ to explore their own unconscious bias and how this may influence hiring decisions.

Client Testimonials for our Workshops and Training Sessions

“Thank you to all of the Consultants from BRUIN for the seminar today; We found the session very informative and the CV workshop was invaluable. I am confident that all of the attendees have taken away a huge amount of practical information for making an internal move and progressing their career. Thank you again for a very successful day.”

“That was brilliant – very well done to present all that in the allotted time. Please pass this on to your colleagues. They came across as a crack team who know their stuff – very articulate and no fluffy stuff”.

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