Tools & Research

Reporting Tools

Recognising the role that Big Data plays in human capital management, and particularly in achieving gender parity, we also support our clients with a number of reporting tools and regular research.


BRUIN’s regular report the WiFI Index tracks the recruitment and engagement of women in financial institutions. Data is comprised from more than 2,500 workers in financial services each month to calculate an aggregated score that reflects the engagement and representation of women in Financial Services. READ MORE



Our Gender Pay Gap Calculator comprises salary data over a 12 month period to reveal the gender pay gap in financial services, both by organisational level and function/specialism, from Analyst to Director. This tool enables our clients to benchmark remuneration in more detail as part of their Gender Pay Gap Regulation obligations. READ MORE


Our most recent tool is designed to counter unconscious bias in the initial stages of the hiring process. BRUIN’s Gender Bias Decoder scans and reveals language bias associated with job descriptions, to help our clients assess if it contains gendered language which might discourage female candidates from applying to the role. READ MORE

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