During the Interview – Dos and Don’ts

During the Interview

Interviews can be daunting for even the most experienced job seeker, below are some tips for basic interview dos and don’ts to help in your preparation.

Interview Dos

  • Introduce yourself courteously
  • Arrive on time or earlier if possible
  • Express yourself clearly
  • Smile during the interview
  • Show how your experience can benefit the company
  • Ask questions concerning the company for which you are being interviewed for
  • Construct your answers carefully
  • Show willingness to learn and progress
  • Be assertive without being aggressive
  • Switch your mobile off during the interview!
  • Prepare 10 relevant questions, you’ll probably cover 5 in the interview

Interview Don’ts

  • Don’t be late for the interview
  • Don’t be unprepared for the interview
  • Don’t answer questions with a “Yes” or “No”. Expand whenever possible
  • Don’t lie. Answer all questions truthfully and honestly
  • Don’t overemphasise money. Do not discuss salary in the 1st interview unless they do; getting the job at this stage is the main priority – salary negotiations will follow
  • Don’t say negative things about previous employers
  • Don’t show lack of career planning

For every responsibility/requirement on the job specification, ensure you have at least one example of an experience or a transferable skill that covers that requirement for the interview.

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