Hints and Tips

Giving you the advantage over other applicants

It is often the small details which can make the difference in securing your ideal job offer. Proper preparation before the interview will give you the advantage over other applicants, and remember that a positive attitude is essential to convince the employer to offer you that lucrative position.

Hints and tipsHere are some helpful hints on interview preparation:


Research the company in as much detail as you can. Review the company website, noting any recent news, and request a copy of their Annual Report. Your consultant will have expert knowledge of the client, the environment you will be working in, the company culture as well as the employer’s expectations and candidate requirements. Take advantage of their experience to help you secure your ideal role.

It is important to find out specific facts about the company:

  • What are its products and services?
  • What is its growth potential for the future?
  • Who are its main competitors?
  • How is it viewed in the market place?

Ensure that you are up to speed with the facts and figures of your present or former employer. You will be expected to have in depth knowledge of the companies you have previously worked for.


First impressions count. Ensure that you are dressed for the job you want, rather than the job you have.


Ensure that you know the exact time and location of the interview. Allow plenty of time in case of travel delays.

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