Candidate Testimonials

“I found BRUIN Financial extremely helpful in my search for a new role. They very quickly understood exactly what I was looking for in a new role and coached me through every step. I found the advice given before each step of the interviews extremely valuable and they followed up with the interviewer very promptly with my feedback. I feel this really helped my cause as it showed enthusiasm and self awareness and made me stand out from other interviewees. All in all I have nothing but good things to say and would recommend BRUIN to anyone looking for new opportunities in wealth management.”

“BRUIN and in particular, my consultant were fantastic. No other recruitment agency made the process this smooth or were as supportive. I have already recommended BRUIN to several people and cannot speak highly enough of my experience.”

“BRUIN Financial were very professional and pro-active in finding the suitable role for me. The fact that they take the time to get to know the candidate and understand what they are looking for is where their strengths lies”

“BRUIN was very proactive in matching my skills to quite undefined client requirements. The on boarding process ran very smoothly through use of clear and concise contract, well organised an efficient background checking. Pastoral care ongoing has been very positive.”

“I was extremely satisfied with BRUIN’s service. They were fast, responsive and diligent and were the first recruitment agents in my job search to land me an interview. I would definitely recommend them to all candidates who are looking to find jobs in the financial services industry.”

“All the consultants are friendly and really get to know you as a candidate. They understand your needs/requirements and only contact you with jobs that fit your preferences. There is nothing more annoying than a consultant calling you with loads of job specs that are of absolute no interest, with BRUIN the jobs are always of a high standard and in line with my career progression. My consultants were both very knowledgeable of the companies I was interviewing with which helped immensely with my interview prep. I would always recommend BRUIN to friends who are looking for new roles. Thanks for all your help.”

“Having decided to relocate from Newcastle to London, with very little knowledge of the job market in London, BRUIN were extremely helpful from the start. From my initial contact they made me feel as if they were there to help me through what was potentially an extremely difficult transition. However, my mind was kept at rest with continuous contact and updates, as well as an extremely active consultant who identified my skills and put me in for the right position. I will be forever indebted to the help BRUIN offered me, I just hope they know how much it meant to me. Have since passed on BRUIN’s details to several people who are ‘worried’ about a move down South. Many thanks”

“During a time when roles were not coming fast. BRUIN’s consultants kept fairly regular contact and unlike some agencies I didn’t feel like I was just another jobseeker. I’ve had agencies whereby consultants would call me several times but clearly not remember me each time. In terms of contractual arrangements they have been seamless and efficient, something not industry-wide in my experience.”

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