Staying Productive While On Furlough – CFA Qualification

• Article by BRUIN Financial

Staying Productive While On Furlough – CFA Qualification

With the world feeling the effects of COVID-19, this has led to some of our employees being furloughed. Whilst having more spare time to further their learning and development, some of our consultants here at BRUIN have shared what they have been up to whilst on furlough and the ways in which they have stayed productive. About 25% of our people have taken the opportunity and used their time to start their CFA Foundation Qualification in order to better understand the industry that they are working within.

The CFA course covers a broad range of topics to introduce someone into the Financial Services & Investment industry, with overviews of each segments of the industry, covering a broad range of topics from regulation and ethics, to security analysis and risk management. It also lays the groundwork for understanding the basics of economic theory.

Chinmayee Thadakamalla, Associate Consultant at BRUIN, commented: ‘It helps me understand my clients and their roles a lot more. It helps me understand why certain hiring managers want certain specific experiences and technical knowledge in the candidates they are looking for.’

Nick White, Associate Consultant at BRUIN, added: ‘I find the reading materials very interesting and important in understanding what our clients do and the skills our candidates have.’

Another employee here at BRUIN has also said ‘it has helped me learn technical terms I previously had trouble with and once it is completed will give me even more confidence and credibility when speaking with candidates, many of whom I speak with are CFA qualified.‘

It has been great to see our people being proactive as to how they have been spending their additional time, and is a testament to the hard work that they continue to put in every day whilst furloughed to ensure that BRUIN Financial continues to stand out amongst its competitors as we begin to emerge from this crisis.


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