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We are proud to support #run2workday, a campaign being run by run2work as an initiative to get fit and healthy and help ease the over-crowding on London’s public transport system. We are also supporters of run2work’s petition for legislation to make the cost of running shows and equipment tax-free, similar to the Government’s popular Bike 2 Work scheme.

run2work has teamed up with the Evening Standard to launch #run2workday on the first Thursday of each month starting from Thursday 5 June 2014, inviting everyone to run to or from work, get fit and healthy, and save time and money.

Sign the Petition for Running to Work to be Tax-Free, like Cycling to Work

We want to persuade the Government to make the cost of running shoes and equipment for running to work ‘tax-free’, just like Cycling to Work, which would require new legislation from Parliament, so please join the movement and sign the e-Petition.

Physical activity in the UK is the lowest it has ever been in the country’s entire history; adult obesity is at a record high and continues to rise; public transport is more over-crowded than ever before.

Over 750,000 people cycle to work, of whom 500,000 do so through employer tax-free Cycle to Work schemes.  The UK Government says “The cycle to work scheme encourages employees to cycle to work and allows employers to reap the benefits of a healthier workforce”.

We need to do more to incentivise people and companies to get active. Cycling to Work isn’t for everyone, and we can incentivise people to get active and run to work, whether part or all the way, with a Government tax-free Run to Work scheme.

A tax-free Run to Work scheme would save people over £100 a year on the cost of running shoes and equipment, or 32% – 42% of the costs, depending on your tax status and using an annual cost of running to work of £300, including two pairs of running shoes, a rucksack, reflective jacket, and headlamp.

The cost of incentivising 200,000 people to run to work through a tax-free scheme would be the equivalent of just 0.02% of the annual NHS budget.

Join us in signing the petition to help people get active and stay healthy through running to work.