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Great BRUIN Bake Off!

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Great BRUIN Bake Off!

Great British Bake Off gets more than its fair share of airtime at the desk of BRUIN and provided the inspiration for our own BRUIN Bake Off, which raised money for Macmillan. As with any good show stopper, there was a carefully considered theme which appropriately enough for the season was Halloween!

After last year’s winner was eventually revealed to have been baked by one of our Consultant’s girlfriends, entries were tightly controlled with probing questions into ingredients and construction. In total 8 amazing bakes (with verified heritages) were entered, with an incredibly high standard (for the most part) giving the judges a very tough decision to make…










In the end Miranda Newboult’s Death by Chocolate Fudge cake (pictured left) was star baker for design, along with James Adams’s Baileys Sweet & Chill Cheesecake that triumphed in the taste challenge, despite being out of the fridge too long and suffering from the dreaded soggy bottom…




The pictures sadly don’t do James’s cake justice so here is the man himself instead!

james adams

After the judging the bakes were sold off to raise money for Macmillan, a brilliant charity that provides support for people affected by cancer. For more information on the fantastic work that Macmillan do and how you can get involved with fundraising, visit their website.