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Crisis at Christmas 2015

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Crisis at Christmas 2015

Everyone at BRUIN is actively encouraged to get involved with charitable organisations. In addition to our CSR initiatives, the BRUIN team are able to take 2 days every year as paid time off to volunteer for personal causes. Last Christmas, 3 of the BRUIN Sales and Marketing team volunteered for Crisis at Christmas, the national charity for homelessness.

Crisis at Christmas 2015 - BRUIN Financial


“I was aware of Crisis and the additional work that they do around Christmastime, however this was the first year I took action and volunteered. I have to say that my two days there were eye-opening and an experience I would never forget. The vast majority of the time that I had was spent interacting with the guests, talking about their interests and making them feel comfortable andat ease. Some of the people that I spoke with had incredible stories to tell and reaffirmed my thoughts about how homelessness and rough-sleeping is perceived. It was a truly humbling yet enjoyable experience and I will most certainly be signing up for Crisis at Christmas 2016.” Chris Rolfe, Analyst, Researcher


Crisis at Christmas 2015 - BRUIN Financial“I didn’t know what to expect when volunteering with Crisis, it was a new experience for me and one that I will never forget. Overall, my time with Crisis was very beneficial and a true eye-opener. I got involved with various activities such as signing in and greeting the guests, playing games with them, making tea and coffee and preparing drinks and dessert over lunch. I truly enjoyed my experience whilst volunteering, not only did I bond with the guests but I also made friends with the other volunteers, it was so nice to be surrounded by people who all had one
thing in common, helping those that are less fortunate. As a Londoner, at times we get so suffocated in our own world that we forget to appreciate and help others, this experience has changed my view on many things and I hope to continue charitable work and volunteer with Crisis in 2016.” Sophia Deen-Khan, Associate Consultant


Key Facts & Figures for Crisis 2015:

Crisis centres were open in Edinburgh, London and Newcastle, and for the first time in Birmingham and Coventry. It was also the first year that a Crisis at Christmas centre opened its doors on New Year’s Day, with our Edinburgh centre welcoming more than 140 guests on January 1st.

Across the week, more than 32,000 hot meals were eaten, and countless showers taken. Doctors and nurses carried out almost 800 health consultations, while dentists placed 211 fillings. There was yoga, karaoke, theatre, self-defence and even a harp performance. Crisis services provided expert advice on everything from employment to housing and immigration.

For more information on the fantastic work of Crisis visit their website.