BRUIN Q&A with: Nick White

• Article by BRUIN Financial

BRUIN Q&A with: Nick White

In a new feature Blog series, we ask some of our employees 5 questions all about their work life, their personal life and everything inbetween.

This week’s Q&A is with Nick White, Associate Consultant at BRUIN, who has given their insight into some of life’s most important questions!


How long have you been with BRUIN and what’s making you want to stay?

4 months – although it is a short stint I am surrounded by inspiring individuals that drive me to be the best.

When are you at your happiest?

Anything involving sport, I am a Charlton fan and try to go to as many matches as possible which is funny because I usually end up upset after going.

What is something that you would be able to teach others?

How to grow a patchy beard.

Can you name a habit that you try and live by, and why?

Try to not be on phone when I am with people, I get really annoyed when I am out with people and they are constantly on their phone. I make a conscious effort to turn my phone off when I am out so I don’t get distracted.

The classic – 3 dinner party guests and why?

Ricky Gervais,  Stephen Fry and Al Pacino – I don’t think that calibre needs an explanation.



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