BRUIN Q&A with: Diana Nit

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BRUIN Q&A with: Diana Nit

In a new feature Blog series, we ask some of our employees 5 questions all about their work life, their personal life and everything in between.

This week’s Q&A is with Diana Nit, VP Consultant at BRUIN, who has given their insight into some of life’s most important questions!


How long have you been with BRUIN and what’s making you want to stay?

I have joined BRUIN in 2014, so I’ll be celebrating my 6 years anniversary this summer (time flies when you’re having fun!).

What makes me stay is the culture – the company has supportive management, offers good career growth and learning. Also, working with amazing and gifted people who you can share experiences and ideas to achieve your full potential.

When are you at your happiest?

I consider myself to be a genuinely happy person, but what makes me more happy in this job is when my work is recognised – receiving feedback about my work, being it internal from my manager or external from my clients or candidates, it makes me feel valued and increases my sense of happiness at work.

Outside of work, I am definitely most happiest when I travel and discover new cultures and cuisines!

What is something that you would be able to teach others?

Our job can be tough at times, like a roller coaster, and we are unable to control every single aspect of the recruitment process. How we react and deal with things that don’t go our way will impact the overall performance and wellbeing. I’ve been there myself so, I would say that in this job as it is in life, having the right attitude is everything! I am certainly not an expert, but I would always try to teach and motivate people around me to stay positive and resilient.

Can you name a habit that you try and live by, and why?

I always try to complete the task that I’m least looking forward to at the beginning of every day, so that once it’s done I feel better for the rest of the day.

Also, a more recent exercise I am trying out is disconnecting from my phone for at least an hour each day to give my brain a break from technology.

The classic – 3 dinner party guests and why?

Michelle Obama, Sacha Baron Cohen and Freddie Mercury



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