BRUIN FC Match Report 30.09.14

• Article by BRUIN Financial

BRUIN FC Match Report 30.09.14

Here is our weekly football horror story. This was a relegation 6 pointer, a real must win for both sides, and unfortunately the Red Army prevailed.

BRUIN 0 – 2 Red Army


This has been dubbed the greatest sporting upset since last weeks match, and in a battle that saw BRUIN have more shots than a ‘Free Thursday’ it is still incomprehensible that we didn’t pick up our first points. We dominated from start to finish, only to be gazumped by the Red Army’s poster boy, their very own Ginger Pele, who netted 2 screamers against the run of play (Luke may have a different version of events but he can elaborate on that)

On the whole it was a good effort, but it looks like we might have to be very active in the next transfer window in order to avoid the drop…..

There were signs of true brilliance in there though with some sterling performances all over the park, so there are definite positives to take into next weeks pivotal fixture.

Well played all