BRUIN FC Match Report 15.10.14

• Article by BRUIN Financial

BRUIN FC Match Report 15.10.14

As most of you know, this weeks report brings good news…..and its been a long time coming. In a match dubbed ‘David vs Goliath’, BRUIN have toppled top of the league and are now very much on the ascendency.

BRUIN 6 – 5 Its Not A Problem

Their name suggested the opposition would be smooth operators, but they were visibly rattled as an emphatic BRUIN tore them apart with what can only be described as total football.

Our strategy was clear, ‘Shock and Awe’, simple, soaking up pressure and then hitting them on the break. And it was executed to perfection. Defensively it was like the most beautiful game of chess I have ever witnessed, and in attack the Crowley / Goodsir ‘pincer movement’ bamboozled their slightly portly defence.

BRUIN raced into a few goal lead with goals from Goodsir (2), Rendall (2), and a speculative clearance from myself that rattled in off the underside of their bar, and as a team we were superb:

  • Jonny was a man possessed. Wearing what resembled full on Quidditch attire he was a bullterrier in the tackle, yapping at the heels of their striker from start to finish
  • Goodsir was bullish as always, and despite spending the majority of the game flirting with the ref he managed to score 2 beauties, keeping his title of the angriest top scorer in BRUIN history
  • Conor may be the sort of man who calls his mushy peas guacamole, but he is a class act on the pitch, When the chips were down, and not even covered in gravy, he helped carry us though to the final whistle
  • Kelly may look like he is made of Lego, but he runs like he is made of leopard. A storming debut from our very own Kevin Kilbane lookalike
  • Rendell was rampant, and has fast become our box-to-box midfield general chipping in with another couple of goals and the complete all-round display

So……those that follow Crowley on twitter, facebook, linked-in, isntogram or tinder will already have seen this, but for those that don’t let me explain. Poised at 5 all with 30 seconds remaining, Crowley took receipt of a pin-point ball arrowed at his feet with all the precision of a scud missile. Despite initially getting the ball trapped between his feet and almost falling over, he then turned with the grace of a tanker, twisting the blood of their defence into knots, and with the very last kick of the game buried it top bin with a clinical left footed strike. He then proceeded to celebrate like a lunatic doing laps of the soccerdome, but it was 100% justified.

But despite all of the above, this weeks 5pm Pilsner Man of the Match was Luke ‘safe-hands’ Nash, who despite conceding 5 kept us in the game for long spells. Often the unsung hero, but very much in the spotlight this week, well played that man!!

Great game all round – and we are now pushing for promotion so roll on next week!