BRUIN FC Match Report 9.10.14

• Article by BRUIN Financial

BRUIN FC Match Report 9.10.14

I know that this is belated, and you have probably struggled to sleep with a combination of excitement and trepidation, but here it is. The positive is that we got our first point of the season, and BRUIN FC are very much on the up!

BRUIN FC 6 – 6 … and Carlton Cole

The scoreline says it all – it was a fantastic spectacle for the fans, but a nerve biter to be involved in, and will long live in the memory of sports fans globally, or at least in North Greenwich

We scored a bucket load of goals putting us in a 6-2 lead with only a few minutes to go……

  • Matt Goodsir notched a brace of poachers goals
  • James Rendell scored the goal of the game with an exquisite volley that he had no right to even try
  • Feed the crow and he will score, fact. Crowley got off the mark for the season
  • And Jonny Ross with a worldie as part of an epic box to box performance. His kit is horrendous but his touch is majestic.

Unfortunately our defence parted like the Red Sea, and we were ripped apart by what can only be described as the fastest child I have ever played against!

On the whole we are growing as individuals and a unit, and are developing bond that will last a lifetime, or at least for the last few games of the season.

The 5pm on a Friday Pilsner Man of the Match – James Rendell – well played that man!!

We are playing top of the league next week and I can smell an upset…..