BRUIN FC Match Report 17.09.14

• Article by BRUIN Financial

BRUIN FC Match Report 17.09.14

It pains me to say this, but in our opening game of the season BRUIN FC took a bit of a battering….

BRUIN FC 3 – 7 Korporate Rejects


After a disrupted pre-season it was always going to be a tricky start, and it became evident that ‘Higher The Talent’ certainly don’t involve a football stage in their assessment process.

That said, it was a good game, 1 – 1 at half time and then fitness let us down. We lost to a team who are clearly championship favourites, and we will only improve, so the future is bright!

Player analysis:


Luke – some solid saves in goal, but had a complete disregard for the boundaries of his penalty area

James R – we thought he was just a right-back, it transpires he is actually just a left-back, but one with a real engine

James C – loves BD, hates defending. There were moments of brilliance in their though

Aaron – ‘The Hand of Cod’ – there  was something fishy about his handball assist, but a solid performance as our target man

Adam G –  box-to-box, and a strike on him that could make a grown man weep….if it beat the first defender

Harry – the only adjective to describe that performance was colossal…..for the 5 minutes my lungs would let me run


Man of the match – clearly Matt Goodsir. 3 goals and a bulldozer of a performance. If there were defenders in the way, he would run through them. Well played good sir!

On a serious note, it was great fun and a good workout so well played all!


Better news to come next week……