• Article by BRUIN Financial


BRUIN FC, The Ancient BRUINS, have won the GoMamouth Football league 2018 through a combination of great teamwork and skills.

Thanks to the leadership of the team captain and top scorer of the league, Simeon Randell, The Ancient BRUINS averaged a total of 10 goals per game throughout the season and topped the league through goal difference, winnings, draws and losses.

One of the  highlights was Cristian Cernodolea’s performance, kicking off the season with an extraordinary sliding tackle, creating mild anxiety towards the opposing team. Others included the referee losing count of the scores multiple times and Adam Pollard injuring himself whilst celebrating his outstanding goal, leaving him out for the rest of the season.

With the absence of Adam, unfortunately one of The Ancient BRUINS strongest players we were short of substitutes from time to time but didn’t let this stop us. Julian Acosta was a great example of youthful stamina, constantly pressing and attacking, giving the opposing teams as many little chances as possible. Another shout out goes to Jonathan Ross, recovering from injury at the time, but nevertheless managed to score some stunning goals, assists and tackles. The unstoppable Simon Dodds also created some incredible runs with some great finishes and attempts.

Recognition will also have to go to Luke Adams for his efforts. He made some incredible tackles, assists and with a bit more luck, he would have had more goals throughout the league.

Not only did David Lewis pull some great saves, he was the second highest top scorer of the league. Some would say he was the Rene Higita of The Ancient BRUINS as he was great in goal as well as on the field. In fact, there were times he gave the ball away, just so that he could get some action in the game.

Half way through the season Harry Brookmeyer signed a contract with The WENGER BOYS, an opposing team short of players. He then went on to score against his home team giving him – 1 goals throughout the season. Despite not being particularly pleased with that performance, The Ancient BRUINS agreed to take him back.

One of The Ancient BRUINS’ main competitors was JCW, another recruitment agency in financial services, so it was paramount that The Ancient BRUIN won. Think of it as the Man United Vs Man Citi. Having beaten JWC once before, JWC stayed in second place for most of the league and after losing against Wenger Boys in the semi-finals, The Ancient BRUINs had to face BlackBerry FC in the final instead.

The Ancient BRUINs showed great sportsmanship and class throughout the season, demonstrating great communication skills, strength, fitness, and whilst other teams were taunting and becoming frustrated, The Ancient BRUINS stood fast to company values, celebrating successes as a team and being the best.